Biplane Rides

“More than anything else the sensation is one of perfect peace mingled with an excitement that strains every nerve to the utmost, if you can conceive of such a combination.” -Wilbur Wright

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Experience the magic, romance and adventure of an open cockpit biplane ride…the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and joy in your heart.  Sound exciting?  You bet it is! Grab a friend, slip into your flying helmet, climb up on the wing and into the front seat for a trip back in time…join us for an air tour over NE Indiana today;  it’s no ordinary plane ride, it’s one of the most exciting things you can do! Not only will you be flying over beautiful scenery; we’ll transport you back to a time when life was simpler and slower paced. The biplane truly represents the Golden Age of Aviation and offers a 360 degree experience only possible in an open cockpit aircraft. Just like Barnstorming pilots, go back in time to the 1930’s, for a truly unique and memorable experience for all ages.  Feel the wind in your face and take in the exciting view from the air. TWO CAN FLY, so share the adventure with a friend. Call 260-927-1845 to schedule your flight!

  • Skyline Tour – approximately 20 minutes
    Enjoy the aerial “bird’s-eye” views of Fort Wayne and Auburn. See the places where you live, work and play; a great way to experience the area from a totally new perspective!
  • Lakes Tour – approximately 40 minutes
    Soar over Northeast Indiana lake country near Angola, IN. See sailboats and motorboats alike – they are equally as thrilled to see the biplane fly overhead as we are to be there. A great way to experience the lakes!
  • Barnstormer Special – approximately 60 minutes
    Our combination flight incorporating both the city skyline and the beautiful NE Indiana lakes region.
  • Sunset Flight
    • Think about a romantic sunset flight, a great way to cap off a beautiful day!
    • Sitting with a friend, or snuggling with that special person; enjoying the 360° panoramic view only possible from an open cockpit biplane.
    • The cool gentle breezes that the evenings bring, the sun low over the horizon, the beautiful colors of sunset.
    • Only a $50 added to any tour for this special experience.

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All tours are subject to a 350 pound weight limit, with a maximum of two passengers.

Golden Age of Aviation- Taking you back to the days where life was simpler and slower paced

GoldenAgeFlying close to the earth, the wind teasing at your hair, equipped with little more than a map and a compass, with only the song of wind and wires to guide one’s way; this was the life of the Barnstormer. Let us bring you back to the days when people heard the throaty sounds of the radial engine overhead, looking up to see the double wings of a brightly painted biplane. People would follow it out to a farmer’s field, where the dashing aviator would bring in his canvas and wood flying machine, gently touching down on the soft turf of the farmer’s field. The daring aviator would take up person after person for their first time breaking the bonds of the earth. People would view their town, their land, their homes from the viewpoint of an eagle. The biplane era was relatively brief, starting with the Wright Brothers in 1903. The Golden Age of Aviation, the period from the end of World War I to the beginning of World War II was an exciting period in aviation history with barnstorming, air racing, flying circuses, and Lindbergh’s Atlantic crossing. Travel back in time and share the views only possible from a plane out of the Golden Age of Aviation – an open cockpit biplane. You’ll be glad you did!

Gift Certificates- How about a truly unique gift to surprise someone special?Waco 6

Wondering what to get for that person who has everything? Think about a scenic biplane ride; a special and unique gift that will stand out above the rest. Think of the excitement and anticipation as the day comes closer for their flight. You may want to come with them, have your camera with you to both document this unique adventure as well as to share in their excitement. Remember all flights are for two people, so the gift recipient can take someone with them, and that someone might be you! All gift certificates are good for two (2) years so they can fit in the flight at their convenience. And if the weather is inclement on the date of their flight, we cheerfully reschedule. Call us at 260-927-1845, purchase your flight and we can have a gift certificate in the mail to you that same day. You’ll be really glad you called!

Waco Classic- A nostalgic aircraft from the Golden Age of Aviation


WACO pronounced “wah-co” comes from a field near Troy, Ohio – Waco field, which in turn received its name from a local war-cry. Between 1919 and 1947, the company produced a wide range of civilian biplanes. The company established themselves as producers of reliable, rugged planes that were popular with traveling businessmen, postal services and explorers. The original venture started when the four DSCF5551founders came together in 1919. In 1920 they founded the Weaver Aircraft Company, named after one of the founders, George Weaver. In the spring of 1923, after the departure of Weaver, this became the Advanced Aircraft Company in Troy, Ohio. By 1927, more than 40 percent of small aircraft sold in the country were WACOs. At some point around 1928 or 29 the name was changed to WACO Aircraft Company, to correspond with its now famous line of aircraft. The YMF-5, the basis for the YMF-5 Super that we are flying, was built in the 1930’s. WACO ceased producing aircraft in 1946, another victim of the post-war general aviation bust. Many WACO’s remain flying today, their style and mystique evoking images of aviation’s “Golden Age” or, in the words of one WACO fan, “After the last WACO gracefully flies, the sky will become merely air.” Classic Aircraft Corporation, now WACO Aircraft and unrelated to the original Waco, began building its WACO Classic YMF in 1986, an upgraded version based on Waco’s original type certificate incorporating over 300 engineering changes. Located in Battle Creek, MI, WACO Aircraft 20150401_191633continues to provide the world’s finest, most exhilarating biplane. Your aircraft, N575TL, is a 1991 YMF-5C Super, the first “Super” produced by WACO Aircraft.

The fabric-covered fuselage is constructed from welded steel tubing, shaped with wooden formers and stringers while the wings are fabricated with spruce spars, spruce and wooden ribs, and aluminum edges. Ailerons on both wings were covered in aluminum and connected with push-pull struts that operated in pairs. It has stable handling characteristics that are considered to be forgiving, with good performance. All features that makes the Waco Classic such a popular aircraft.

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